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Glued Laminated Beam (Glulam)

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Definition of Glued Laminated Beam (Glulam)

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Glued Laminated Beam (Glulam)

A structural beam composed of wood laminations or lams. The lams are pressure bonded with adhesives to attain a typical thickness of 1 ┬Ż" . (It looks like 5 or more 2 X 4's are glued together).

Related Terms:

Collar Beam

A horizontal tie beam in a roof truss that connects two opposite rafters at a level considerably above the wall plate.


Wall construction in which beams are supported by heavy posts rather than many smaller studs.

Creditor Proof Protection

The creditor proof status of such things as life insurance, non-registered life insurance investments, life insurance RRSPs and life insurance RRIFs make these attractive products for high net worth individuals, professionals and business owners who may have creditor concerns. Under most circumstances the creditor proof rules of the different provincial insurance acts take priority over the federal bankruptcy rules.
The provincial insurance acts protect life insurance products which have a family class beneficiary. Family class beneficiaries include the spouse, parent, child or grandchild of the life insured, except in Quebec, where creditor protection rules apply to spouse, ascendants and descendants of the insured. Investments sold by other financial institutions do not offer the same security should the holder go bankrupt. There are also circumstances under which the creditor proof protections do not hold for life insurance products. Federal bankruptcy law disallows the protection for any transfers made within one year of bankruptcy. In addition, should it be found that a person shifted money to an insurance company fund in bad faith for the specific purpose of avoiding creditors, these funds will not be creditor proof.

Level Premium Life Insurance

This is a type of insurance for which the cost is distributed evenly over the premium payment period. The premium remains the same from year to year and is more than actual cost of protection in the earlier years of the policy and less than the actual cost of protection in the later years. The excess paid in the early years builds up a reserve to cover the higher cost in the later years.

Level Premium

A premium that remains unchanged throughout the life of a policy

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act which gives civil rights protection to individuals with disabilities similar to those provided to individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, and religion. It guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations, employment, transportation, State and local government services, and telecommunications.

Area Walls

Corrugated metal or concrete barrier Walls installed around a basement window to hold back the earth.

Glued Laminated Beam (Glulam) Image 1

Balloon Framed Wall

Framed Walls (generally over 10' tall) that run the entire vertical length from the floor sill plate to the roof. This is done to eliminate the need for a gable end truss.


A home that has two levels. typically, a garage or storage area is situated in the lower level and the home in the upper section.

Bottom Plate

The lowest horizontal member of a Wall which rests on the rough floor, to which the studding is nailed.

Built-Up Roof

A roofing composed of three to five layers of asphalt felt laminated with coal tar, pitch, or asphalt. The top is finished with crushed slag or gravel. Generally used on flat or low-pitched roofs.

Bull Nose Drywall

Rounded dryWall corners.

Construction Documents

All drawings, specifications and addenda associated with a specific construction project.


A system of large tubes, pipes or channels (ducts) designed to deliver air to and from a furnace or other air-handling unit.

Gable End Wall

The triangular end of an exterior Wall above the eaves formed under a gable roof.

Gable Roof

A roof that consists of two sloping planes that meet at the ridge or peak. The planes are supported at their ends by triangular, upward extensions of Walls known as gables.

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Hip Roof

A pitched roof with sloping sides.

aterial used to cover the interior framed areas of walls and ceilings

Knee Wall

A Wall-like structure that supports roof rafters.

Load-Bearing Wall

Includes all exterior Walls and any interior Wall that is aligned above a support beam or girder. Normally, any Wall that has a double horizontal top plate.

Nonbearing Wall

A Wall supporting no load other than its own weight.


Pieces of wood placed on Wall surfaces as fastening devices. The bottom member of the Wall is the sole plate and the top member is the rafter plate.

Roof Valley

The "V" created where two sloping roofs meet.

Roof Vent

A louver or small dome mounted near the ridge of the roof to allow the passage of air through the attic.

Shed Roof

A roof that pitches up further on one side than the other. Shed roofs are also used over some porches.

Sole Plate

See Bottom plate.

Top Plate

The horizontal member nailed to the top of the studding of a Wall.

Glued Laminated Beam (Glulam) Image 3

Trombe Wall

A passive solar Wall, usually masonry or concrete, used for passing heat from one room (like a sun room or solar garden room) to another.


A prefabricated framework of girders, struts and other items used to support a roof or other load-bearing elements.

Wall Out

When a painter spray paints the interior of a home.







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